preparation pt. II

Today I went to Target and bought a few sets of weights, an exercise ball, and some exercise bands (to use when I go out of town for work). I also bought a journal to use during this adventure and a small decorative pumpkin. After I'm done typing this blog, I'm going to plan out my meals for the next two days and go grocery shopping. While I plan to give this week my best shot, I'm not going to go "all the way" with BFL this week. I'll be out of town for work for three days and I don't know what kind of access to healthy/authorized foods I'll have. So next week will be my official start when I begin using my nutritional supplements, but this week is sort of a dry run.

Ok here I go! I'm a little nervous!



Hi! Well, here I go. For those of you who are confused, I can explain. There is a fitness/exercise/diet program called Body For Life (BFL from here on out). Except it's not like froo froo crazy gimmick thing. It's kind of hard core. Check out the link and you'll get an even better idea of what I'm doing. Anyway, anyone can do BFL, but some people enter The Challenge. The Challenge has its own set of rules and regulations, but it doesn't cost anything. The grand prize involves winning $50,000.

I'm doing this for other reasons, too. I really love working out and trying to be healthy. Unfortunately, since graduating college, life kind of gets in the way and I've let that healthy stuff sort of slide right out of my life. Since I got married October 2006, it's been close to nonexistent. And that makes me sad. I shouldn't have to sacrifice something I love so much! I do, however, need to find a good way to fit it into my life. Which is really hard. Between work, my marriage, going back to school and helping to plant a church, I have little no free time. And if I do have free time, I spend it doing other things. It's hard for me to spend time and energy on myself.

Anyway, this blog is here to help me stay motivated, and to maybe even get some support from anyone reading it. I'm going to try and write a few times a week, and I'll even post my before, during, and after photos of my progress.

Right now, I'm preparing. I'm buying my weights, getting a room all set up so I can work out without tripping over stuff, and planning my meals, workout schedules, and going grocery shopping. I plan for my official start date to be October 8, 2007, which means my 12 weeks will end sometime in December, I think. Anyway, I'll have all of that info later, right now just wish me luck as I get started!