Before - October 7, 2007...

weight: 117.5 lbs.
chest: 34"
waist: 29"
hips: 36"
biceps: 11"
thighs: 22"
calves: 14"
After - December 30, 2007... (12 weeks later!)

weight: 109
chest: 33"
waist: 26.5"
hips: 33"
biceps: 10"
thighs: 21"
calves: 13"
That's it! I can't believe it's over. It went by so fast. Now I almost feel lost without the structure and regimen. It feels good to take a little time off, but I'm already ready to get started with my half marathon training (also 12 weeks long). But for now I'm working on getting my photos made, writing my essay for the BFL Challenge, and trying my best to win $50,000!
Thanks to everyone for reading my blog and giving me loads of encouragement and support. Body for Life was a super realistic program that I truly believe anyone who wants to do it can and will succeed. But you have to want to do it! It goes by really fast, you see results so quickly, and it's just easy! Read the book or just use the website, I'm here for anyone who wants to give it a go.
Thanks again, and keep reading as I start my marathon training! Happy 12 weeks!


Anonymous said...


xoxo MOM

betsyradish said...

You look awesome budday!

Too bad you're already married. I would totally hit on you.

betsyradish said...

p.s. You have a cute little bum.