that damn fan!

And I don't mean someone who really likes me! 

At the gym, there is a line of treadmills in front of a huge mirror. I like running in front of the mirror because then I can see what everyone is doing in the gym behind me and I can get in some great people watching. My other option is to run looking directly into a white wall or the single flat screen TV that just plays the news or baseball games. My gym isn't very high-tech.

So, in front of the mirror. Now, over to the right of all the treadmills, there is a huge fan. Sometimes someone will push this fan so it is not blowing directly on them and the five other treadmill goers beside them thus allowing them to do... oh what is it called? Oh yeah! Sweat. Don't get me wrong people, I like a light breeze, but this is like standing in front of one of those wind tunnel machines. During the summer, it's slightly more tolerable. But when it's 4 degrees outside and I'm wearing shorts and a tank top, it's very hard for me to ever get warm. Even if I'm running for an extended period of time.

That's what happened last night. This lady, who was holding onto the treadmill (one of my pet peeves - you don't get a good workout when you hold on!) and kept her eyes down the entire time, had the fan on and blowing directly on her. I mean, her bangs were blowing in the wind and the fan couldn't have been more than 10 inches from her face. Ugh!!! I tried to get on a treadmill that was farthest from the breeze, but it was no use. Ten minutes into my run I was still freezing and my hands were ice. Oh, and did I mention there is a small built in fan on every treadmill? Hey lady, just use that! 

She finally got off the treadmill. I turned to the guy walking next to me and asked if he would mind if I turned the fan away. Thankfully he said for me to go ahead, and I was able to get in a workout where I was actually able to sweat and get warm. 

If people want to be cold while they work out, hello, it's winter. Go outside! That damn fan is one of my biggest pet peeves in life. I hate that fan.

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Anonymous said...

HA...you could always yell "I FARTED!" ...and because of the fan, they are all standing down wind from your stink...
The Bets