sick and pregnant.

Have you ever been sick and pregnant and the same time? I have. Well, I still am. It's horrible. I got sick and started feeling it on Friday morning, and here it is Monday afternoon, I came home from work early, I sat in a cloud of used Kleenex all weekend, and I'm still sick. My husband is the one who doesn't like to take medicine and let his body fix things itself, I'm the one who is all about the Nyquil and any other cold medication that will help me sleep better and get healthy faster. Now I can't take anything and I'm still sick and I feel horrible! This is awful! What if I die?? Dying can't be good for the baby, right? Wouldn't it be worse if I died? She's has been kicking me all weekend like, "What the heck is going ON up there?? Will you stop!" And I'm so big that I can't get very comfortable sleeping on the couch which is where you're supposed to spend a lot of time when you're sick! It's awful. 



Everyone wants to give advice. Not necessarily (although they are among the most vocal advice-givers) moms, either seasoned or brand-new, but all people who have done something before you want to tell you how to do it. For example, my little brother is moving to Chicago and all I want to tell him is how to take the train and where he should go eat. But I don't. I realize how annoying it is, so I bite my tongue and tell him good luck and that he's going to love it. Get pregnant, on the other hand, and you will forever be surrounded by people giving unsolicited advice.

I'm not even a mom yet, and I already gave my first piece of advice. A childhood friend of mine is 13 weeks pregnant, and we were together over the fourth of July. It was a potluck dinner, and I was on round two of side dishes. She said to me, "Kate how many trips is this for you?" Meaning, how many times have you been back for seconds? She was kidding, and I knew it. I also knew that she was on round two or three herself. So I laughed and said, "Oh, you just wait. You'll see..."

I've become what I've always hated!! Not only do I hate the advice and constant talk about my pregnancy, but I hate when someone says "You just wait" to me! Now, in my defense, I meant, "You just wait until you're farther along" and most often when people tell me that phrase they are referencing my soon to be had lack of sleep or how much my life will change (no duh, and no shit). But still! (Ugh, on that note, let me just say, never ever tell a pregnant woman that her life is about to change. You don't think I know that?? Shut UP!)

Perhaps this advice-giving is part of the maternal instinct? I don't know, but from here on out, I promise to only say nice things and words of encouragement to new or soon to be moms. And if you guys knew how grumpy and irritable I am these days, you'll take my advice, too. :)

(Oh, haha, I just did it again. I told you to take my advice when I just told you not to give it. I think that's irony. Also, as a sort of PS, this pregnancy is making me dumber by the day. Can't you tell by this all-over-the-place blog?)