oooouch. and an adjustment.

Sometimes when I run, my leg dies. My right leg, it dies. It feels dead. I was almost done with my 5 mile run on Sunday when it happened. It usually happens when I run. It just gets a dull pain up and down my whole leg, and the only way I can describe it is to say it feels dead.

I think I am committing the #1 cardinal sin of beginner runners: I'm doing too much too soon. When I started doing the 12 week training program, it had a little "demo" week (totalling about 19 miles) that I should be able to run comfortably for 4-5 weeks before starting this program. I can't run that much. Also, when I run on the treadmill, I think I have the speed set too high. I need to run a little slower.

So, I'm backing off the miles a little bit. I'm sort of meshing together two training programs that I've seen. Both have me running close to the same amount of miles in a week, but one schedule has 3 rest days scheduled instead of just 2. So I'm compromising and running at least one recovery or easy run in the middle of the week.

I think if I can build up my long run to 10 miles, I will be fine on the day of the half marathon. So, along with my husband (a longtime runner and track and cross country coach), I am tweaking my running schedule just a bit.

My leg dies more often towards the end of my running week. I want to stick to the schedule, but I also don't want to hurt myself. This is very tricky.

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betsyradish said...

Dude, don't sweat it. My big toe died long ago when we worked at FamVid...

Hasn't come back alive since.