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I hurt all over. All over.

This running stuff is crazy! I ran outside yesterday for the first time, as you know, and my legs are freaking killing me. My quadriceps are killing me and my knees are a little sore, along with my hips.

Dear concrete,

Thanks a lot.

Love, Kate

Screw BFL, this running stuff is crazy! I hurt way worse after my third day of training than I have all 12 weeks of BFL.

But don't worry about me. This is all part of it. Yes, I have good shoes. No, I'm not doing more than I can handle. The run last night was actually really nice, and running four miles wasn't really a problem, it was the cold and dark that was hardest to work through.

The good news is, I'm still really excited about training! I super stoked for warmer weather, longer days, and longer runs!

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