I'm in my second week off of Body For Life and I feel like crap. There's no order! It's chaos! I haven't been grocery shopping in probably two weeks! Which, before BFL, was pretty common at our house so it's easy to see how we slipped into such terrible eating habits. We go out to eat all the time, we don't eat on a regular basis, and especially since I've been "deprived" of really good junk food for 12 weeks, it's really easy to let myself eat the unhealthy stuff at restaurants.

So! That being said. I'm very ready to get back on some kind of 12 week program. Not 12 step, 12 week. My half marathon training starts on Monday, and I plan on starting to eat the BFL way again too.

Here is my concern with the half marathon training: I have to run 13.1 miles! I have to be even more diligent with my training. What I mean is, with BFL, if I couldn't work out one or two days it was like no big deal. With the half marathon, if I don't run for a couple days, I could really screw myself. This isn't just "I want to get back in shape," this is "If I don't run on a schedule and do what they say, I could really hurt myself. Really." 13.1 miles!

So, pray for me, people. I feel like this half marathon will be a really great challenge and a step up from BFL. I'm excited! I'm also ready to get back in the gym and grocery store and out of McDonald's.

Mmmm, McDonald's.


betsyradish said...

I hate running.

Man, McDonalds is good.


Anonymous said...

I find it humorous that your first day training for the half marathon is a rest day!! Good times!

BTW: McDonald's ice cream is amazing and reduced fat... mmmm

Josh said...

Maybe I should create a 12 week program to becoming more awesome. Would you sign up for that?