It's a real word, I swear. And it has nothing to do with farting. ...or Ikea furniture.

A fartlek is essentially a speed interval that can, for a beginning runner, last anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. An advanced runner might have 20-30 minute fartlek intervals.

I ran four miles last night! It was my "fartlek" day and I'm happy to say I made it through alive.

One thing I'm kind of worried about is that right now I'm running on a treadmill. Which is ok, but not great. I ran four miles last night at a controlled pace at a controlled incline. If I had to run four miles outside in the cold with hills and slopes, I don't know if I would have been able to do it. But when I get home from work, it's starting to get dark.

Mostly I think I just need to take the time to map out a course or two around town. I just don't like the idea of running outside in the dark. There aren't a lot of streetlights around town unless I stay on main roads. When I run on those roads, I get honked and hooted at so by the time I'm done with what should be a stress-relieving run I'm actually really annoyed and I just want to catch up with the honkers and shove their heads through a car window.


betsyradish said...

Dude I hate running outside. It gives me asthma attacks.

I think in order to switch up your pace and incline on the treadmill, at random times through your run, you should just close your eyes and start pushing buttons to switch it up a little.

Either that or you could just do “silly run” like they did on Friends that one time.

Dude, check my blog out… I have joined the fitness bandwagon.

betsyradish said...

Oh I want it budday.

I want it.

(plus, the abs girl kindof reminds me of Kris Swanberg in a weird way, and that somehow makes it all easier)

Josh said...

I still don't believe you. I think fartlek IS some kind of Ikea furniture.

"The new fartlek bookcase from Ikea! Fittings for wall fastening included! Can also be used as a room divider!"

I'm on to you, Johnston!