shut UP!

Ugh, I am so irritable. I mean I am really cranky. Maybe it's because I'm not so crazy about my job right now. Maybe it's because I kind of hate my job right now. Maybe it's because I'm so tired. But am I so tired because I'm pregnant? Or is it because I'm not working out as much? Or am I so cranky because I'm pregnant? Ugh. Maybe it's because I've been to my doctor twice in two weeks and no one seems to know what is happening or why I'm there. My doctor actually said, after I told him it was me in the hospital last weekend, "Oh that was you?" Or maybe the two white trash pregnant ladies in the waiting room who reeked of cigarette smoke and kept talking about jail and bail and their cars getting repossessed and quitting their jobs and "bitch" this and "hoe" that and it really depressed me to know that these ladies were about to bring kids into the world and how sad it would be for those little kids growing up and then I saw the ladies in the parking lot afterwards and they already had a van full of kids. I felt very lucky and almost guilty all at the same time for being as "well off" as I am.

I'm probably a little bummed out too.

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betsyradish said...

I love you budday. I know how you feel about the W-T's in the waiting room. It makes me really sad to think about all the kids coming into the world who will have a crappy life, and grow up to be crappy people who throw their cigarette wrappers out of their car window onto the ground.

But, it makes me happy to know that there will be a beautiful baby coming into the world who will have kick-A parents like Katie and Skip, who will teach her to be a good person.

Chin Up Budday! It's SUMMER!