I hate the snow. I really just hate the snow. I hate everything about it: driving in it, walking in it, getting it all over the bottoms of my jeans, wiping Tucker's paws off every time he comes back inside, shoveling it, looking at it when it's gross and dirty, and being cold from it. Today is my long run day and the thought of running it on a treadmill makes me crazy. But when I tried to find a good route around town to run, a lot of the sidewalks are snowed over. I am also a big baby.

Good thing it will be almost 60 degrees outside tomorrow! Haha, take that, snow!


Josh said...

I'm confused. How do you feel about snow?

betsyradish said...

I hate snow too budday.

Except when I get to sled in it :)

Anonymous said...

Snow is awesome, are you my daughter?