A while ago, when I was craving some pop, my friends suggested I squeeze lemon into some sparkling water. That way I would get the bubbly feeling as well as some flavor.

Has anyone seen this recent study on lemon slices served in drinks at restaurants? You know, in your iced tea, you request it for your Diet Coke, some places just put a lemon slice in your water without asking. It's an article worth reading. Here is a little "taste" (no pun intended) of what the article discussed:

"A total of 25 different types of germs were found on 53 out of the 76 lemons that were sampled. Some were fecal in origin (either from dirty fingertips of the restaurant employees, or from meat-contaminated cutting boards and knives), while others were types commonly found in saliva, on the skin and in the environment."



betsyradish said...

The lemons in restaurants disgust me.

They are so dirty.

I worked with a guy who would order a whole bowl of lemons with his water, and I swear to god it made me gag every time.

That might've been his extremely bad B.O. though.

Anonymous said...

Okay....gross. I'm never ordering lemons again.
The Bets

Josh said...

Ordering lemons in restaurants was the one thing that I had left in my life, Kate! And you just ruined them for me.

Thanks a lot, jerkface.

Anonymous said...

ugh, I know, I read about this before, i went home and washed all the fruit in my fridgadator....

xoxo MOM