the couch.

With the weather being absolutely ridiculous (it was 75 degrees and sunny on Sunday and today we are sitting on an inch of ice with 3-5" of snow falling) and my commute being a good 45 minutes, I tend to work from home a lot. Which I hate. I feel less productive, probably because I am, and I spend the day on the couch. I feel really gross after I work from home all day, like I haven't done anything. I never really understood how people could be couch potatoes or what that would even feel like. I do now. I hate this weather.


Josh said...


As a 'work from homer' myself, the secret is to not work from home. That is, I try to go out to coffee shops as much as possible, where there are fewer distractions and I can get more done.

And if you have to stay at home? Try and make challenges and rewards for yourself. "I'll work on this project for 2 hours, and then I get to watch 30 minutes of TV." Or put on fun, motivating music to get you working. Pumping up the jam is definitely not something you can do when you have to go into work.

thebets said...

I hear ya...I feel like since I'm home, I should be outside...but I can't. I feel your "I hate this weather" pain.
I think I should be writing lesson plans....but I'm not...yet. I should be taking advantage of this gift,but instead I blogging and watching "Real Housewives".....not exactly productive, but highly entertaining.

betsyradish said...

I also hate weather.

It's raining like a MOTHER here, and 40 degrees.

We're experiencing flash floods on the golf course. Weee!