frowny face.

The half marathon is this weekend. The halfie. My halfie. And I won't be running it. 

I'm really bummed out about this. Very bummed out, actually. I was really enjoying training for it and pushing myself farther and farther. I was really excited to run it with a lot of my friends running in it as well or at least being there to support me. Some people from work were even going to come. But now I feel like I've quit. A small consolation is that I can still go pick up my goody bag that has my shirt and my bib number, but even that is a small slap in the face. 

I really wanted to run it. And the worst part is that I could have run it! If I had just a little more energy, I could have continued training and been even more proud of myself knowing that I'd just run a half marathon while I was almost 4 months pregnant. Instead I'm just some tired pregnant lady standing on the side lines feeling crappy. 

Oh well, I guess I can feel better knowing that, while I could have continued training, I could have also put my baby more at risk from all the exertion. I could have continued training, but if my body wasn't responding well or if I'd started spotting, that could have been bad news. At least I can still be there to support my friends, and hopefully I can keep myself in good enough shape while I'm pregnant that I can start training for the half (or maybe full?) in enough time to be able to run it next year.

If I could just freaking wake up already!!


betsyradish said...

It's alright budday. You have another REALLY important task to train for.


I am proud of you Katie. Don't feel like a quitter. You've just taken on a task bigger and more important than any marathon!

teacher said...

you should stand on the sidelines and hand them cups of hot coffee instead of water while they are running. That way NO ONE will finish the marathon and you'll feel better.

thebets said...

You are SO not a quitter. You are growing a human being...WAY tougher than running 13.1 miles. Also, next year your cheering section will be plus one! I am going to get him (of course baby WILL be a "he") a onesie that says "Someday I will run with Mommy" (this actually exists).

Katherine W said...

Kate: Could you make a t-shirt that with a talk bubble over your belly that says "Go Runners!"

Liz said...

And the mom in me says, darn, now I feel bad, I shoulda run it FOR HER! That's what mom's do, you'll see.

xoxo MOM

Anonymous said...

And the mom in me says, darn, now I feel bad, I shoulda run it FOR HER! That's what mom's do, you'll see.

xoxo MOM

Liz said...


thebets said...

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