new bloggers!

I consider myself to be a great influence. If I haven't convinced anyone to get into shape, then I have at least convinced a couple people to start blogs. My mom, and the Bets!

My mom's blog is funny, silly, and about her new dog, Sonny. Well, it's partly about him. He's a very goofy dog, and in his big puppy phase, and entertaining to read about. He's a yellow lab who looks very much like my buddy, Tucker. My mum is a dog lover, through and through, and she's a really good writer and also she's my mom! I bet your mom doesn't have a blog!

The other blog I'm excited to tell you about is Betsy's! Or The Bets for short. Betsy is a marathon runner who is posting funny blogs about the people she meets and things she thinks about while running. For example, what flavor Popsicle would I be? If I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, I would probably be... And, my favorite, why is this dog following me? Why hasn't he gotten squashed by a car yet? Her blog is titled Bubba Loves to Run because she has an inner fat kid she named Bubba. You may also remember that Betsy just happened to make authorized meals for Girl's Night while I was still doing BFL.

Betsy and my Mom are also both amazing cooks. I want to be like them one day.

I hope you enjoy. I'm linking them up under my "Bloggers That I Love" list to your right! Enjoy!


thebets said...

Awww shucks Kate, thanks. You and Skip are the best people to cook for!!! I just made a pizza....with CHEESE!!!!...and some other healthy junk. I tried to get on your mom's blog (since I love dogs, and Tucker, and your mom : )) but I couldn't. Poop.

Josh said...

Look at you, Kate! You're like Oprah, planting the seeds of Gail, and Dr. Phil, and Dr. Oz, and that home decorating guy Nate whatshisface!

Do they know about your golden touch, Kate? And the empire you're creating? Do they know? Huh?