simpler times. and workouts.

I was at the gym the other night on the elliptical machine. I was really annoyed for some reason. Everything was pissing me off. This happens sometimes at the gym. I see people doing exercises with terrible form and I get mad, marveling at how could they possibly not understand that they're doing it wrong. Sometimes people do their repetitions on the weight machines reeeally fast. Like the faster they go they think the better the workout. It drives me crazy!

So this night, the lady on the treadmill in front of me was making me insane. She was going the slowest she could probably go on the treadmill. You know when you get on the treadmill and it starts on like 0.5 mph and it's up to you to make the speed increase? Yeah, I don't think she got that memo. So she's moseying along (at least she was not hanging on the handrails-argh!!), and I'm trying to calm myself down. Why do I get so worked up sometimes? Why won't she go faster??! Then, to make things worse, she starts running. BUT. She does not increase the speed. She was going 1 mph but she was trying to run. So she was bouncing and working her arms and legs like she was running. At 1 mph. Yaargagahhhhgghh. Ugh. 

I take some deep breaths. So what? So what this lady is working it? So what she is trying to make the most out of her workout? This frustration coming from the girl who gets frustrated as hell when she can't run as far or lift as much as she could in college. Or last week.

So I'm calming myself down. I don't know this lady's story. Maybe she's recovering from an injury. Maybe this is her first time working out and she's excited and making the most out of going slow. I'm jumping to conclusions and making assumptions about this broad. Meanwhile,I should be focusing on my workout. And my blood pressure. 

Reflecting on this made me miss just enjoying a good workout. Anymore, I have to accomplish something. I have to break a personal record. I have to work really hard. If I go to the gym wanting to run and end up only being able to walk, I get pissed at myself. I feel like my workout didn't count and I might as well have done nothing at all.

I feel like going to the gym to relieve stress is actually counterproductive. 


Anonymous said...

One time in class this fat girl was in the aerobics room 'practicing' her (hokey) martial arts moves, and I had to conduct class and she was going at it and disrupting my class. I finally had to "move" her out but directing my class to do moves that took up the space she was practicing in, she finally got the "hint" and left. I might have to blog this myself.


Anonymous said...

and the more I keep thinking about this, wouldn't she have had to be running in slo-mo???


betsyradish said...

Ha. You are so funnay budday.

People make me mad too, but it's usually when I'm driving.

Because I don't really go to gyms.

Katherine W said...

I have had the same experience; however, they were often rail thin blonde chicks wearing spaghetti strapped tank tops, no bra, full face of makeup, and their hair done. I very much dislike those girls... don't come to the gym unless you actually plan on breaking a sweat!!