the half

Last weekend, The Bets and others ran the half-marathon and relay, respectively. I was glad to be there as a spectator and supporter, but I was really pissed off too. I wanted to run. I was so tired, but I still got that runner's rush and wanted to run my ass off. Argh. Oh well, maybe next year I'll say screw the half and run the full.

Here's a picture to show my frustration. This was when Betsy and our friend Katie and I went to pick up our shirts. I essentially paid $55 for a running shirt and some free samples at the registration place.


Anonymous said...

Nice face kate, ha.

xoxo MOM

Katherine W said...

You have years of holding this over the child's head.... just imagine.

child: Mom! I want new shoes!
you: I want the $55 you owe me for not being able to run in the 2008 Go St. Louis marathon!
child: But mom! I wasn't even born yet!
you: that's the point!

betsyradish said...

I love how she's smiling right in your ear. Take THAT, Preggers!

I love you budday!!!