I'm hungry. Here is what I ate today up until about 10 minutes ago:

Yogurt blast Cheerios with skim milk
Peanut butter crackers
Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips
Panera/ Bread Co.:
-broccoli cheddar soup (about 1.5 bowls)
-1/4 of a chicken salad sandwich
-Greek salad
-short bread cookie (not all of it, but you know... just most of it)
Diet Pepsi (aspartame and caffeine??! My baby will have 3 arms!)

That should be enough. Enough clearly until dinner tonight. Nope, I got home from work and was legitimately hungry again.

I just ate 2 turkey hot dogs with ketchup and mustard. 

I don't have any weird cravings, I just have cravings. For food. Immediately. I have food turn offs: vegetables, meat that I have to cook myself, and poultry is hot and cold for me. On the other hand, I can't get enough fruit or cheese. 

I'm trying to not make the mistake I hear a lot of first time pregnant ladies make: eating a lot using pregnancy as an excuse. But I'm not kidding people, I'm hungry. Right now.

I have also recently rediscovered Ramen noodles and I can't wait to eat it for dinner tonight. I mean I am really excited.


Anonymous said...

If you come get that futon out of my doggie room I'll make you chicken wings and rice a roni...

xoxo MOM

thebets said...

WHAT!?!?!? You at Greek Salad without MOI????!!!! That baby is making you talk crazy missy.

betsyradish said...

Dude I love food too and I am not even preggers.