Baby talk.

Yesterday, I snapped. It wasn't the first day I felt irritated (see pretty much any previous post), but it was definitely the first day I let people know I was irritated. I have a co-worker who always wants to touch my belly and talk to the baby, and I usually let her because... I don't know why, because I kind of hate it. Yesterday she took one look at me and knew not to mess with me. Another guy was gently teasing me about having twins, I let him know it wasn't funny and I'm quite sure the look on my face let him know I would gladly rip his testicles off.

And if one more person asks me when my due date is, I will scream. It's one thing if it's someone at a store, a cashier for example, making small talk, but it's another thing when a secretary at work who I see every three days asks me every time I see her when my due date is. Lady, if you're not going to even try to remember, just shut up, tell me I look great, and move on. Geez.

What makes things even worse is that pretty much the only small talk conversation at work, polite work chit-chat if you will, revolves around my pregnancy. Here is the list of questions/comments, in order, of a typical conversation had about 4-5 times a day:

1) Wow you're really coming along! / Not too much longer now! / Aw look at you!
2) How much longer do you have?
(I tell them, they try doing the math)
3) So that would be... October?
(Yep, I tell them my due date. Again.)
4) Oh! So and so has a birthday October--.
(If I had kept track, I would probably have a list 100 names long of other people who have birthdays in October. People I don't even know, mind you.)
5) Do you know if you're having a boy or girl?
(I tell them. Again.)
6) Do you have names picked out?

God willing, I can be a stay at home mom for my kids. This will be great since I won't have to worry about child care and will get to raise my kids. This will be even better because the next time I get pregnant, I can stay in hiding.


Anonymous said...

You and about a million other moms said the same thing about that! Doesn't make it any more annoying i know....

xoxo MOM

Anonymous said...

I mean doesn't make it any LESS annoying... whatever.

xoxo MOM