A working mom.

In the moments between Story waking up, and my husband coming home with my mother-in-law, I felt like finally blogging again. 

I started back to work this week, both excited and reluctant. All the working moms I know said something along the lines of "I cried my eyes out the whole way to work after dropping my baby off for the first time at daycare." I was expecting this, so when I dropped Story off at a babysitters and not shedding a tear and feeling pretty good, I was pretty surprised. I was even more surprised when, picking her up that evening, I felt kind of sad. I had missed her whole day. And while her babysitter is amazing and I'm so glad Story is in such great hands, I didn't know what her day was like. I got an outline of when she slept and ate, but what was she like? Then, imagine my surprise when I worked from home the next day with Story by my side, I felt even worse. I couldn't get any work done, and now Story's schedule was all screwed up so she's fussing and I don't know why. Before if she was fussy all I had to do was look at the clock to figure out what must be causing the tears and then fix it, but now I had no idea and I felt as though I was back to square one. All that hard work down the drain. And to top it all off, I felt like a terrible mom for not knowing what was going on with my daughter.

I am no longer a new mom on maternity leave, I am a working mom who has to use her damn breastpump at work. That's a treat. Let me just say this: whoever said that breastfeeding is more convenient than formula is a damn liar. No it is not. Breast milk is better for the baby, that's where the convenience ends. So now I have to spend 60 minutes of my work day pumping. And also, by the way, not producing enough to feed her the next day. Having depleted my milk supply when Skip and I got sick, I am down to my last stock of breast milk and it's not enough for the day. She'll have to have some formula. Which isn't a big deal, but any mom can tell you the guilt some moms feel for giving their normally breastfed babies formula. I feel like shit.

Sorry to post such a bitch-fest of a blog, but this sucks. I just want to stay home and take care of my girl. It's the one job I'm actually good at.

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