Over it.

I am officially over my "back to work blues." I am entering Week 4 of back to work-ness and I have to say, I'm kind of loving it.

I am being wary, though. Several things could be contributing to my new outlook. For one, it's winter which means it's cold which means I am in the house a lot. When I am stuck inside, I am also stuck inside with a baby, that I love dearly, and a husband, who I also love dearly but, let's face it, people get sick of each other in tight quarters. When I'm at work I'm around other people and fresh faces. Also, going to work means I get to look presentable. At home, I wear jeans or sweats, and I may or may not wear makeup. At work I get to dress nice, wear shoes that are not slippers, and wear makeup.

How do I know I'm over the blues? After being snowed in for three days in a row I was about to lose my mind. My husband asked me if I was dreading going back to work this morning and I said, "Not at all. Get me out of this house!"

My attitude could change at any time. I could also be ready to go back to work because it means I won't have to breast feed anyone for a full 9 hours. So for now, work is A-OK with me.

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I am happy to hear it! Kind of gives me hope.