A boy and his dog.

Recently I've noticed that without my knowing, Tucker and Skip have become best friends. More often than not, I go to bed at least an hour or so before Skip does, and I started noticing that if Skip doesn't come upstairs to bed with me, then Tucker stays downstairs with him and looks at me like I'm crazy when I say to him, "Come on buddy, time for bed." Clearly, staying downstairs while Skip watches TV or plays video games with lights on is way more fun than being upstairs with me, not lying on the bed, and laying there in the dark in silence. It makes sense, after all, since Tucker spends a very good chunk of his day lying on his doggie bed with no one at home.

What's even funnier about their best bud-ness is how, after my and Tucker's morning routine of letting him outside and eating breakfast, he wants to go back upstairs immediately to see if Skip is awake. After breakfast, Tucker waits at the door to our bedroom, maybe even poking the knob with his nose, for me to open it up so he can bolt upstairs and see if his buddy is up yet and if he maybe wants to pet him a little bit. Since Tucker always beats me upstairs, I can tell by watching him if Skip is up yet. Tucker gets to the top of the stairs, looks over to the bed, and if Skip is awake, he puts his ears and head down in excitement and wags his tail so hard his butt shakes and prances right over to him to get some pets . If he's still asleep, Tucker just kind of walks back over to his corner with his blanket and goes back to sleep.

It should be noted that Skip always pets Tucker, and pets him good and for a good length of time, regardless of what he's wearing, so that he usually ends up covered in Tucker hair. I, on the other hand, don't pet him as much if I'm about to leave for work or don't feel like dusting myself off afterwards. Tucker must have noticed...

Skip asked me the other day, "If we have another girl, can we at least keep getting boy dogs?"


thebets said...

Oh my gosh....too cute. I could totally picture the whole routine. Especially the part about the tail wagging. : )

Josh said...

Have I told you that I'm moving in with a girl at the end of the month? Well I am. And she has a dog.

And you know what? I totally plan on making her dog like me more than he likes her. 'Cause I'm awesome.