It's August!

Agh!! I think the countdown officially begins now. I am 30 weeks pregnant, with 10 more (hopefully) to go. August also marks the beginning of the scramble to finish all the baby projects we have going on. Stories from moms who had their babies 2, 3 or even 5 weeks early are, at this point, absolutely terrifying to me. We have a mattress and a crib. The crib is still in its box, unopened and certainly not put together. So, if she comes anytime soon she'll have a place to sleep, but nothing else. Oh well, at least she won't be sleeping in a dresser drawer.

I also have three baby showers and my birthing class this month, and I begin going to the doctor every 2 weeks instead of once a month. My back hurts, I'm tired, and my maternity clothes are starting to fit a little bit tighter.

Welcome to the last trimester.


thebets said...

Yipee! You're in the home stretch!!!

Josh said...

The countdown 'til a person comes out of you...begins!

Or, well, I guess it began like 7 months ago. Nevermind.