Here's one awesome thing about being pregnant: the urge and pressure to buy new clothes is pretty much gone. The fact that, when I walk into the Gap or any other clothing store, I feel no pressure to buy the latest trends is a pretty refreshing thing. Considering that, for the last 26 years, I've definitely felt that pressure, either with the need to fit in with my friends, or the urge to just look trendy or nice. Not to mention it's almost always reminded me of how broke I am.

Now that I can't wear those clothes, I feel no pressure! Throw all of your cute t-shirts and sweaters and jeans and dresses at me, I'm totally capable of ignoring them and feeling fine about it!

This also is partly replaced by the fact that I've been basically forced into buying maternity clothes. I'm terrible at shopping, I hate spending money and I hate all the options. But now that I literally can't fit into anything except maybe a few t-shirts, the guilt of spending money is gone because I really do need that shirt! I have no pants that fit, I need some new ones! I've never bought so many clothes, but I still don't really have that many maternity items.

It's nice to be forced, while at the same time it's equally nice to feel no pressure. ...makes sense.

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thebets said...

I have to say...you look adorable.