Well the holidays are over and I made it through alive. I managed to have about 4 free days in a row and not throw my last week of BFL completely out the window. I'm excited for Saturday to roll around, so I can get my fake tan on (it helps to accentuate tone and muscle) and take my after picture and send in my completed Challenge Packet. $50,000 here I come! ...I hope. Wouldn't that be cool? Dang dude, if I win $50K I will poop my pants. Well, I would pay off my student loans and then poop my pants.

In other news, my new adventure after Body For Life consists of me training for the St. Louis Half Marathon in April! Stay tuned as I combine BFL and marathon training!

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Josh said...

You know what I've always found useful when training for anything?

Wearing a hoodie and running up some steps like Rocky Balboa. That totally beats the crap out of actual "training".