In my defense, I weighed myself this morning and I now officially weigh as much as I did in college. In college! That is awesome. So please try not to give me too much crap about how I'm not eating as authorized as I should. I mean, I'm not eating cookies or chocolate shakes or anything blatantly unhealthy, I'm just not as strict as I was in, say, week 3.

Here's the thing people, BFL has shown me how I need to eat. I don't really crave unhealthy food anymore, so when I go out to eat, I make sure to order something with a lot of veggies and some kind of protein. Like today. We went out for Thai food at work for lunch. I rarely go out to eat with everyone because of BFL, and today I wanted to go so I let myself. I had chicken with veggies and some white rice. They also gave me this tiny little spring roll. That was fried. And I ate it. And I ate most of my white rice. Neither of which was authorized, but it was all about the portions.

I guess I just see now that it's not about what I don't eat, it's about what I do eat. And I do need to eat. BFL has made me understand that my body needs food. Eating is a good thing! It's what you eat that can make things go all wonky. My body needs food, so I eat happily, except I try to make sure that what I'm eating isn't total crap. I'm not afraid or worried about food anymore. It's a huge relief.

So I eat healthy 98% of the time now, and my "free days" are kind of spread out throughout the week. I'm still sticking to the workout and the eating portion, and I've lost 9 pounds to prove it! I'm just adjusting BFL for my life, so that I can eat healthy and stay in shape forever.

It's pretty awesome.

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teacher said...

I love how good your doing! I think its totally awesomely great that you are actually eating FOR life. So you are going to be the healthiest lady ever.