ugh, i hate the holidays!

Today we had our Christmas party at work. I tried my very best to not eat all the crap there, and I did pretty good, but I didn't do great. Last night our neighbor brought over two tins of cookies and fudge for Christmas. I have to eat at like a million houses between Christmas Eve and Day. This is what I hate, the beating up of myself. Why can't I just eat like a regular person? Oh right, because when I did I gained 10 pounds. But it's the holidays! I wish I could cut myself some freaking slack.

People ask what is life after BFL like? What do you do? My answer: round 2 baby. That's right. I'm so pleased with my results from this 12 week cycle that I fully plan on (taking a week off and then) starting over with week 1.

I'm kind of annoyed at myself for taking the results I've gotten so far for granted. I look at the weight I've lost or the tone and muscle I've gained and think, "Yeah, but it's not perfect" and that makes me sick. So what?! I look great compared to 10 weeks ago and I'm totally blowing off all my hard work and the changes I have made!

Ugh, I hate body and weight issues sometimes. I really do. I didn't like how I looked before, and I don't like how I look now. What the hell is that?


Anonymous said...

I hear ya!! I do the same exact thing with my running. I get so mad at myself for not be able to run for my scheduled time, but then I think back to the time, not so long ago, when running for 2 minutes was nearly impossible.

Anonymous said...

By the way... it's Katie! Not sure if you got that from the whole anonymous running comment.

Anonymous said...

oh man, kate. you are doing so freaking awesome. I can't believe you actually did something like this. You need to really look at yourself and what you accomplished. You can finish this no problem. You are one of the strongest people I know and stubborn as hell. I know you can do it!


Anonymous said...