cravings: the problem.

I think I've found my biggest problem: my cravings. Not that I am constantly craving McDonald's or chocolate brownies or .. ok, now I totally am craving them. My point is, the eating plan of BFL includes eating, at every meal, one serving of protein, one serving of a carbohydrate, and one serving of vegetables at two of the six meals you are supposed to be eating throughout the day. My problem is that I hate meat. I don't like meat very much, and I certainly never crave it. Even chicken. I'm never like, "Oh man a chicken sandwich would be so great right now!" Mostly I'm like, "I could really eat some peanut butter crackers." Peanut butter crackers aren't too bad for you, but they're not considered really "authorized."

Sigh. So Skip is checking out a book for me called Eating For Life written by the BFL guy. I'm excited about it so I can make some tastier, authorized foods. Because right now plain chicken breast just does not cut it. I want peanut butter!! I want a recipe! I want deliciousness!

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