Ok well today was day 2, and it's kind of incredible how awesome I feel. Of course I'm not seeing results yet, I don't think I'll really start to see results until week 5 or 6 (that's what I've heard), but I feel great. Skip mentioned today that even though getting up at 6am to go for a run (in the dark) sucked really bad, but during the day he felt like he'd actually gained an hour of sleep. And that's when I realized that I felt energized too! I don't feel so heavy or yucky or tired, I feel pretty okay, and so far that is awesome.

I also realized today that I'm really excited about seeing what kind of results I get. However, this also means that I'm scared I won't get the results I'm anticipating. It helps me through to realize that I don't actually have a lot of weight that I want to lose (I want to get more toned), but still, I'm scared I will just look the same after 12 weeks of hard work.

But I'm trying not to focus on that. I'm trying to keep myself in check and focusing on just the week ahead, and not on the full 3 months I'll be doing this. One week at a time...

Today we taught a class at work, and we always order food in for trainings. We get these boxed lunches that have a sandwich of some kind, pasta or potato salad, and some kind of wonderful brownie in it. We also had chips and stuff out for an afternoon snack. I ate none of the chips, had half of my veggie wrap for lunch, the other half for my next meal 2.5 hours later, and didn't eat the pasta salad or chocolate brownie with caramel and nuts. I'm strong, y'all. I suppose I could have brought in my own snacks or lunch and ate a tad more authorized (although I could have chosen the chicken salad on a croissant or the BLT wrap), and I plan to when my meal replacement Myoplex bars get here, but I guess I was just a little embarrassed to do that. I guess I have to get over that.

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Yeah Kate!!! I'm so proud of you! You showed a lot of self control. I know that is hard when everyone else around you is eating the "wrong" thing. Way to go gettin' up early!!! I am impressed that Skip joined you too. I think you already answered your fears about not seeing results though...you already feel better and that's important!!!