I gotta tell you guys something. I love McDonald's. I just do. I really do. And let me tell you something, I really love sausage mcmuffins. And today I had about 5 sausage mcmuffins sitting on a platter, just waiting for me. I didn't have even a bite of one! I was really proud of myself.

And then I went to dinner and my plan of eating completely authorized tonight was totally shot. Let's not discuss it. But now I know that one of my bigger challenges during the next 12 weeks will be eating out with friends.

I have, however, worked out every night that I've been out of town. I even went to the YMCA with my co-workers tonight and did my cardio! That was great.

On another note, my butt hurts really bad from doing squats and lunges yesterday. It feels great, though. I miss this feeling.

These 12 weeks are going to be so hard, but even during this trial run, I'm really happy to be fitting this into my schedule again.

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