Ok, so this has been a very long week. I started off great, but I'll be very honest, the fact that this wasn't my official start week really got to me and by today, I'm not being as good. Also, I'm trying to pay closer attention to how I feel when I eat, and I've realized that when I'm sad or upset, that's when I really just want to treat myself. Today I was bummed because I had to spend the day by myself so I ate a soft pretzel (probably #1 on my all-time favorite foods list) along with a regular Coke (this is my #1 all-time favorite combo). I don't even like drinking regular pop, except if it's with a soft pretzel. And I only drank about half, because by then I'd finished my pretzel and I dumped the rest out.

Anyway, so by today I am feeling kind of blah, kind of how I felt before I was eating really good up through Thursday evening. So here is what I know so far:

1) eating out is going to be a big challenge for me.

2) emotional eating is going to be a big challenge for me.

3) I have to plan my meals. I didn't plan anything today and I'm wondering what the heck I'm supposed to eat and/or I know what I should eat and I don't want to.

4) this is going to be really hard.

On Wednesday and Thursday, my body felt really weird because, I think, it was sort of detoxing. I wasn't eating anything really fatty or salty, and my body knew it and was pissed. And now that I've filled up on some junk, I feel back to normal. Very tricky.

5) my body is going to try and trick me.

I ordered my nutrition bars and they should be here by the end of the week. I am going to use these as snacks or meal replacements. I've also printed out pictures of these two ladies I am using as inspiration and will post them in my workout room. The first lady, Jen Weatherman, has a body type similar to mine so she is the one I am trying to copy as much as I can.

The other lady, Sarah Brown, I just think is really hot and I'd love to look like her. Unfortunately, I never will because we have different body shapes. But isn't she pretty!

You can click on these ladies' links and see what supplements they used and what their meal plans looked like while they were on BFL. It really helps! I will look at these two everyday to keep myself motivated. They were able to get those rock-hard bodies in only 12 weeks! That is amazing.

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