Ugh, the lunch I just had was terrible. I like to buy Lean Cuisines for lunch, however, until I started BFL, I liked to eat their pizzas, lasagnas, or sesame chicken (mm... so good). BFL allows for frozen meals like that on their food plan, but it warns to watch the fat and sodium content. Well in those meals, the fat and sodium isn't bad, but I guess it would be considered a little high for BFL purposes. So I've been trying to buy the ones with chicken and vegetables. Today I had almond chicken with rice and veggies, only I didn't poke the top of it enough to let the steam vent out, and it was very soggy and very disgusting. So I only had a few bites before I threw it away.

I'm just not very hungry lately. I really don't want to eat meat, or raw veggies. I need some food with more flavor and variety. Skip got Eating for Life last night from the library so I'm really excited to make food that is good and hot and delicious, instead of boring stuff. I realized that I don't know how to cook healthy foods, let alone authorized, so I guess I just don't know what I'm allowed to cook with. I'm excited to use this book and make some good food to eat throughout the week. Because right now I'm just kinda grossed out.

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Anonymous said...

yum!!! I can't wait to see what you guys make from your new cookbook!