Near the top of my list of favorite foods resides pretzels. I like all types of pretzels. I like pretzel rods, honey wheat pretzel twists, Rold Gold pretzels, those really fat, hard, crunchy ones, and, pretzel of pretzels: the soft pretzel.

For my midday snack today I had string cheese and yogurt. Not too bad, but definitely missing the salty and crunchiness that I really need in the afternoon. Fortunately for me, unfortunate for BFL, there was a huge bowl of Rold Gold pretzels out in the office this afternoon.

I've had several handfuls. Ugh, I miss pretzels!


Anonymous said...

pretzels are better than even baked chips so don't feel too guilty about it.


betsyradish said...

Dude pretzels are the devil. When we were at Sam's the other day, we bought a soft pretzel and the lady slobbered butter aaaallll over it.

I totally O'ed.

Then I was at the mall and they have this AMAZING NEW CREATION OF EVIL called "cinnamon pretzel bites."

Ooohhhhh budday...

betsyradish said...

Oh and by the way I am totally glad you are back at blogger. I missed you.

I love the hell out of you.